Where it is always spring.

Flowerings. From the wisteria to the hydrangeas, the irises to the roses: the botanical collections of the Bardini Garden.

The botanical collections, with their luxuriant, colorful flowerings, are the true protagonists of the Villa Bardini, finally brought back to blossoming through action taken by the Bardini and Peyron Monumental Parks Foundation

Walking among the plants, the flower beds in bloom and the trees, will be just like walking through and immersing oneself in the seven centuries of the history of the Villa Bardini and the City of Florence.

Roses. A color for every feeling.

A fundamental plant and flower, the rose is present in the Bardini Garden in numerous collections:  with their colors and shapes, Bourbon roses, noisettes, Bengals, invade many areas of the Garden: from the staircase to the Belvedere, from the olive grove to the entrance at Costa San Giorgio.

» Flowering Period: June – September

Hydrangeas. Nuances of Love.

From the purest love to the most ardent, in the Bardini Garden, there are some 60 varieties of hydrangeas present, cultivated with love exactly in their original flower beds where they were found before the restoration: under the pergola of wisteria.

»Flowering period:May – July

Camelias. Flower of lovers.

In light, but also in shade, precisely along the wall, grows the collection of camelias in several historic varieties that were particularly prized in Tuscan gardens of the 18th Century.

» Flowering period:March

The borders of Herbs and Iris.

On the sides of the dragon canal and in the flowering garden in back at the staircase, grow the collections of ferns and shade herbs, contrasted in color and shape with the grasses. At the center of the stairway, instead, are the irises, which bloom continuously from the beginning of spring until the autumn.

» Flowering period: April, June – August, November

The collection of fruits from long ago.

The “fruttiera” or fruit bowl, had a well-defined function: to divide the productive part of the garden from the ornamental. Here were reintroduced various collections of long-ago Tuscan fruit trees: apples, pears, peaches and various other fruit varieties.

» Flowering period: March – April