Exhibits and events
at Villa Bardini

After being abandoned for many years, the Villa was completely restored by the Parchi Monumentali Bardini e Peyron and the Fondazione CR Firenze, reopening to the public in 2006, with new spaces intended for events and exhibits. Villa Bardini is today a place of art and culture, hosting initiatives that feature globally renowned artists and other illustrious figures.


Api e sviluppo sostenibile

Bees for Sustainable Development

Villa Bardini will host “Bees for sustainable development,” a seminar organized by the Fondazione Clima e la Sostenibilità that will explore the world of beekeeping and its role in battling some of the sector’s most important challenges. October 2nd, 5pm

The Annigoni Museum

The Museo Pietro Annigoni inside Villa Bardini is devoted to the eclectic artist who, in Florence in the creatively thriving period between the two world wars, experimented and expressed his creativity through drawing, design, painting, etching, fresco and medal making.

The collection is comprised of a large family collection, including numerous documents that trace the active career of Pietro Annigoni. His style is characterized by a strict adherence to realism and the use of ancient Renaissance painting techniques. In fact, his ability as a portrait artist earned him the name “Painter of Queens”, including a famous depiction of Queen Elizabeth II. Other famed works included portraits of English royalty, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Pope Giovanni XXIII.